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Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation, Breathing — This app was created by leading experts and instructors in meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. With this app, you can improve your mental health, learn to meditate, do yoga exercises correctly, and simply relax.

In addition, Meditopia is a great choice for those who have difficulty sinking into sleep. With a huge library of soothing melodies, you’ll be able to gradually relax your creation and quickly drift off to sleep. Do yoga, meditate and simply relax with Meditopia.

Meditopia Features:
  • ❤ Stress Relief.
  • ❤ Availability of several types of meditation.
  • ❤ Availability of a timer for meditation.
  • ❤ Large library of soothing music tracks.
  • ❤ Improved sleep.

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