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Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker — With this application, you can easily monitor your period, ovulation and PMS. This application is the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence in order to determine the irregular cycle of menstruation, ovulation and symptoms of PMS. The women’s calendar will show you the estimated date of menstruation and possible ovulation, so that you can easily plan special days for conception, as well as your weekend. Learn more about your body and keep track of every change.

The female calendar of menstruation and ovulation includes:

  • ♥ Reminders of upcoming critical days;
  • ♥ Tracking irregular cycles;
  • ♥ Track favorable days for conception, fertility windows;
  • ♥ Use the women’s diary to record measurements of basal body temperature, symptoms, physical activity, your condition, taken pills, the intensity of secretions, and also monitor the weight, the amount of water you drink and your sex life;
  • ♥ Keep track of your critical day history to calculate probable ovulation;
  • ♥ Read useful information about your health from professional doctors.

Download Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker:
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