Download Cycling - Bike Tracker 1.4.46 APK

Cycling — Bike Tracker — A great assistant for cycling enthusiasts. View how many calories you burned, how many kilometers you rode, your riding speed, you can view your location and broadcast your training. Stay up-to-date on all events on forest trails or highways. You won’t need any additional gadgets since you’ll find all the information you need about your ride in this app. Listen to your favorite music during the race and just enjoy the ride!

App Features:

  • ★ Accurate information about all cycling workouts.
  • ★ Full route calculation.
  • ★ Calorie and trip speed counter.
  • ★ Detailed training schedules.
  • ★ Personal achievement counter.
  • ★ BMI calculator.
  • ★ Voice commentary.

Download Cycling - Bike Tracker:
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