Download Brave Private Web Browser 1.67.123 APK

Brave Private Web Browser - A handy and feature-rich app for safe internet browsing and information retrieval. If you are looking for a reliable and fast browser, you should definitely download Brave Browser. This browser will not only take care of your privacy, but also block annoying ads, spam, protect you from virus attacks. This browser has everything and nothing extra, just open the search and find what you need. In addition, with Brave Browser you will also save your battery power, the browser easily and quickly speeds up the loading of web pages, improving the performance of your device. Don't be afraid to save passwords and personal data, because the Brave Browser securely encrypts your data by blocking third-party scripts, third-party cookies and private tabs.

Features of the Brave Private Browser:

  • • Availability of History.
  • • HTTPS Everywhere.
  • • Quick tabs.
  • • Private tabs.
  • • Synchronization of bookmarks.
  • • Battery consumption savings.
  • • Ad blocking.

Download Brave Private Web Browser:
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