Download Signal Private Messenger 7.2.4 APK

Signal Private Messenger — Voice video chats, chatting with friends, video conferencing for study and work, and most importantly all your data is completely safe. One of the few instant messengers that really values ​​the privacy of its users. Feel complete freedom, communicating with family and friends, because the application uses a special end-to-end encryption technology and this is not a «feature» of the application, this is just how Signal really works. Participate in voice and video chats, send messages, use the great functionality of the application, which is constantly updated and supplemented with new ones.

Signal Features:

  • ★ Say what you really think.
  • ★ Feel the speed — send messages without limits.
  • ★ Be yourself — use your number to use your own contact database.
  • ★ Express your point of view.
  • ★ Customize the sound for each notification.
  • ★ Edit photos and send them to friends.

Download Signal Private Messenger:
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