The second fantasy game Order & Chaos: Guardians is undergoing beta testing on Android

The second fantasy game Order & Chaos: Guardians is undergoing beta testing on Android
In January 2024, Gameloft Company, together with computer game publisher Exptional Global, already launched a 15-day beta test for the fantasy MMORPG Order & Chaos: Guardians. The project received generally good reviews, although it did not escape criticism for its lack of originality. So, some gamers found it too similar to RAID: Shadow Legends.

In July the servers were reopened for the next testing with a small but pleasant addition. Gameloft has officially announced that now players' progress will be saved at the end of the test. Unfortunately, this only applies to owners of Android devices, who can download the game client via Google Play in the Philippines, Australia and the USA, while there is no talk about iOS yet.

Order & Chaos Guardians

A short excursion for those who are completely unfamiliar with the franchise:

  • Order & Chaos: Guardians is the second team game in the series with RPG elements, in which gamers need to form their own squad from creatures of 9 different races, and then level them up for the main battle.
  • Representatives of each race have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to attract rare heroes to your squad and learn to combine them competently so that the fighters complement each other’s skills and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way with honor.
  • During training and battles, characters develop existing abilities, have the opportunity to unlock new skills and acquire more powerful equipment.
  • By increasing the level of the Castle, you can provide your team with resources, and by exploring uncharted territories, you can find treasures and discover some dark secrets of this world that will advance the plot and lead to new adventures. You can send troops on expeditions to new locations, including in AFK mode.
  • From time to time you will meet pets and make them your hero's companions in life and allies in battle.

The game features high-quality 3D graphics and well-developed character designs.
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