The third beta test of CrisisX Last Survival on Android has begun, promising to be the final one

The third beta test of CrisisX Last Survival on Android has begun, promising to be the final one
HunterGame Company has announced the third beta testing of the game CrisisX Last Survival with a post-apocalyptic setting, open world and console graphics.

Gamers all over the planet can download the beta version of the survival game for free on their Android devices via Google Play, while the old links stopped working when the servers opened in Southeast Asia. In a couple of weeks, the developers promise to add North American servers to them, and therefore ask players to use geolocation changes and boosters to improve Internet connections. And don’t forget to make sure before downloading that your device has at least 12 GB of free memory that the game will require!

CrisisX Last Survival

In general, the plot and gameplay follow a classic scheme for the genre. In the world of CrisisX Last Survival, a deadly virus recently raged, destroying most of the planet's population, after which the few survivors were forced to wage a difficult and dangerous daily struggle for existence. They set up a shelter for themselves, explore the world lying in ruins in search of useful things, craft items of varying degrees of difficulty, hunt for food and, of course, exterminate zombies. The first reviews characterize the game as very action-packed, so you won’t get bored.

Those who participated in the previous two tests may be in for a pleasant surprise. The creators of CrisisX Last Survival claim that they have thoroughly reworked the content and corrected previous errors in order to avoid new accusations that they released a crude product. So this time things look promising. The graphics of a more than good level and a full-fledged built-in character editor, which allows you to think through the hero’s appearance to the smallest detail, deserve special mention.

The end date of the test, as well as the release date, have not been announced yet, so the opportunity to participate remains available for everyone who is in a hurry.
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