Get ready to save civilization in the new shooter Ashfal from Legendary Star

Get ready to save civilization in the new shooter Ashfal from Legendary Star
The post-apocalyptic PvE shooter with survival elements Ashfall has completed its closed beta testing period, which has taken place from May 24 to June 29 this year on three platforms – iOS, Android and PC. Let us remind you that testing was already announced for the game developed by Legendary Star in the summer of 2023, but last time, to put it mildly, it did not cause a stir among gamers, which is why the release date was shifted by a whole year.

Apparently, this time the audience was in a favorable mood, thanks to which the release scheduled for early autumn began to look more realistic. Unless the creators change plans at the last minute, both the Chinese and global versions of Ashfall will be released in the third quarter of 2024. Most likely, this will happen first in the Middle Kingdom (approximately in September), and in one or two weeks in the rest of the world.


The action of the shooter takes place in the distant future, where the planet was turned into ruins due to a nuclear war started by an AI rebelling against people. The Core of Creation will help save the dying world, but to find it, you need to leave the Vault and go through a difficult path full of dangers and tests of strength.

The new world is teeming with giant worms, bloodthirsty giants, humanoid mutants and other strange and threatening creatures, and among the locations there are both lifeless deserts and miraculously surviving cities, delighting the traveler with an attractive oriental flavor. Be extremely careful! In this world, a half-broken robot encountered in a deserted wasteland may turn out to be a merchant, a deal with whom will help you complete your next mission, and a person who seemed like an ally may turn out to stab you in the back.

Ashfal by Legendary Star

The equipment and other useful items necessary for victory can be either farmed independently or purchased through in-game purchases (the game itself will be Free-To-Play) to speed up character leveling. As for the gameplay, these are mostly quests, exploration of locations and dailies. Naturally, there will be battles with monsters, multiplayer instances and PvP.

The game does not make high demands on PCs, but Android must have at least Snapdragon 855 or Kirin 980 and have at least 6 GB of memory. The iOS device owner must own an iPhone with A11 and 3GB RAM or newer models.
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