Cross-platform anime RPG Madoka Magica Magia Exedra is opening for pre-order

Cross-platform anime RPG Madoka Magica Magia Exedra is opening for pre-order
Japanese media company Aniplex has announced the development of an ambitious project, Madoka Magica Magia Exedra, which will bring together beloved characters from the anime series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the associated RPG game. This time, gamers will be presented with a new storyline, the action of which is built around a girl who has lost her memory. Once in the Magic Lighthouse, she tries to recover fragments of lost memories by moving between the bodies of other Magical Girls, which sometimes leads to very emotional moments and forces her to dive deeply into a fascinating world with spectacular 3D animation.

Naturally, you can’t do without:

  • exploration of the mysterious labyrinth;
  • searching for objects;
  • revealing the secrets of the Puella Magi universe;
  • turn-based boss battles;
  • PvP mode and other tests.

Madoka Magica Magia Exedra

The combat part is based on forming a team of five Sorceresses, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, mastering different elements and a stopping system that allows players to better use their strategic skills.

The game is expected to be released immediately for Android, iOS and computer. At the moment, it already has an official website with a global release trailer and a gallery of screenshots, where not only charming sorceresses are presented, but also the main menu with interesting options like the “Room of Light”. True, all this is in Japanese. By the way, Madoka Magica Magia Exedra should be released in two versions: Japanese and English.

For all fans of the series and simply interested gamers, the opportunity to add the game to the wishlist on Steam and the pre-order page on Google Play is already open. There is no page on the App Store yet, but it should appear soon as the game is scheduled for release in 2024.
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