Zombies on the warpath: a new mode is coming to Warzone Mobile

Zombies on the warpath: a new mode is coming to Warzone Mobile
If you love zombie stories and shooters, we have great news for you! Canadian developer Activision Beenox, who has released the game Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile in March of this year, has posted a video on the Internet that will definitely interest you. But about everything in order.

Warzone Mobile is a mobile first-person shooter that is a classic successor to the original Warzone. Those who are already familiar with it know that players who were shot were previously sent to the Gulag, from where they could escape by fulfilling certain conditions. Until now, the game has two modes: “Battle Royale” and “Survival”, but just the other day a third one will be added to it – “Zombie Royale”.

Warzone Mobile

The company does not disclose what its essence will be, and the teaser presented to fans allows them to get only the most general impressions. However, information has emerged about its similarities to Warzone 2.0, which already allows us to make reasonable guesses.

From now on, a fighter killed in battle will not be sent to the camp, but will be revived in the body of a zombie to continue trying to win. Such characters do not have great strength, but they can make high jumps, throw gas grenades at the enemy and activate the rage mode. And most importantly, by collecting 2 syringes of the antidote, which are dropped by killed opponents after death, a zombie can regain its human form. True, if instead of an antidote the player finds his death on the field, he will only be able to return a second time, even in the form of a walking corpse, with the help of one of his human comrades.

Activision hasn't said whether the new mode will be the only update, or if there are any other surprises to expect. We only know that Zombie Royale is scheduled to release on June 26, when the fourth season of Reloaded begins. Zombie Royal, so it makes sense to hurry up and update the game client. This is all the more worth doing because there is a high probability that the new regime will be limited in time.

The game will be available for Android and iOS.
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