For the beta test of the shooter Calabiyau, they are looking for testers with Android devices

For the beta test of the shooter Calabiyau, they are looking for testers with Android devices
The developers of the multiplayer team shooter Calabiyau, full of exciting locations through which anime girls armed with rifles constantly move, have opened a recruitment of testers for a beta test limited in time and number of places. Information about this is posted in the Chinese game and mobile application store 3839, and to apply you need:

  • be the owner of an Android device;
  • fill out the form attached to the official website and Steam;
  • have time to do this before June 23.


For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ll tell you that Calabiyau is a tactical third-person shooter, the gameplay of which is divided into rounds-matches in PvP mode. You shouldn't expect a deep plot or any interesting information about the characters, except the most basic ones. But gamers can expect a lot of shootouts using sniper and assault rifles and interesting features like the ability to fly in wind currents in some locations, the ability to attach to walls or the ability to slip into narrow places, changing the proportions of your body to flat two-dimensional ones.

Players are also promised luxurious 3D graphics on the UE4 engine, which allows them to expect on at least smooth movements of the characters and high-quality environments. A nice bonus is the waifu, who will talk with the player in the menu, from time to time getting as close to the camera as possible. However, since one of the conditions for testers is not to share game content, we will not be able to properly enjoy the graphics and interaction with anime beauties and handsome men (there are male characters here too, although in the minority). True, there is a trailer in Chinese, but that's all for now.

It is known that Calabiyau will have in-game purchases disabled for the duration of the test, and all progress made by players will be reset after the end of the test. Exactly when the test will begin and how long it will last is not reported.
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