Game of Thrones: Legends will invite fans to the Battle for Westeros in July

Game of Thrones: Legends will invite fans to the Battle for Westeros in July
George R.R. Martin's universe continues to grow, much to the delight of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon fans. The next significant date that many will be looking forward to is July 25 of this year, when the mobile match-3 and RPG game Game of Thrones: Legends will be released. Gamers who manage to overcome the first chapter in 7 days are promised in-game character packs and Robert Baratheon himself as the main bonus. In short, it’s better not to delay pre-registration, especially since both the App Store and Google Play have already opened the corresponding pages for iOS and Android owners.

When judging by the trailer presented to the public, players will have to lead one of the houses of Westeros, assemble a team of fighters from their favorite heroes of both series, calling them through the gacha system, and then pump up the fighters, supply them with improved armor and throw them into battle against the sinister White Walkers or other enemies, who want to flood the lands of the Seven Kingdoms with darkness.

Game of Thrones Legends

However, there will be no shortage of friends. If they wish, gamers will be able to create alliances with other players, increasing their overall combat power and gaining access to content at a higher level.

Also expected:

  • Particularly intense time-limited battles;
  • Tournaments based on key events of the Universe – such as the Battle of the Bastards, where you can get Ramsay Bolton into your squad,
  • Events.

Develop your strategic thinking by creating the most winning combinations from famous champions. Take into account their skills and equip them with formidable weapons. But first, brush up on the series' iconic characters to create synergies, such as arming Arya with Quill and teaming up Jon Snow with Longclaw. Complete missions across the continent with flying colors and show the Seven Kingdoms who should rightfully sit on the Iron Throne!
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