The best indie game of 2022 LUNA The Shadow Dust has received a mobile format

The best indie game of 2022 LUNA The Shadow Dust has received a mobile format
There is a new addition coming to the world of mobile games that will delight those who enjoyed playing the LUNA The Shadow Dust quest on their computer or console in 2020. Now the developers have announced that they are transferring the game into a mobile format, and you won’t even have to wait long. The release will take place on June 20, and the new product will cost about $5-6. In the meantime, in order not to waste time, Android and iOS owners can pre-order on Google Play and the App Store.

The plot of the game is built around two touching travelers – a boy and his smart dog, who must help the Moon return the balance between Darkness and Light to the world. Moving through the back streets of a mysterious tower on the edge of the world, together solving riddles and overcoming challenges, our heroes stubbornly move towards their goal.

You will have to play as both travelers at once, switching from the boy to his faithful dog and back. If LUNA The Shadow Dust is not localized to your language, don’t worry. Instead of dialogues, the entire story is told by showing two-dimensional cutscenes without words, but with nice graphics and beautiful orchestral music.

LUNA The Shadow Dust

The musical theme generally received a lot of positive feedback, as did the atmosphere of the game, which is very easy to immerse yourself in, despite the lack of 3D. By the way, the entire journey is drawn entirely by hand with traditional frame-by-frame animation of the characters. Just imagine the titanic work of developers!

Game mechanics include exploration, combat, and puzzle solving modes. You will have to strain your brain and learn to think outside the box! At the same time, there is no need to return to previously completed locations for clues, which will give the game more dynamism.

Let's remember that in 2022 LUNA The Shadow Dust was recognized as the best indie game of the year, so even if you are unfamiliar with it, it is definitely worth getting acquainted with it. Critics have already called the quest “an excellent combination of food for the mind and pleasure for the eyes.”
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