Dungeon & Kingdom was released in mobile format

Dungeon & Kingdom was released in mobile format
The mobile card game Dungeon & Kingdom with RPG elements is now available for download on Android and iOS. Gamers will have extensive dungeons at their disposal, through which, traveling in the company of their teammates, players must try to close 12 cards with a lot of puzzles and interesting Easter eggs.

They will also encounter World Bosses, Tower of Fate and Endless Abyss modes, search for treasures hidden in the depths of caves, and amazing devices whose purpose must be unraveled. The bravest heroes will be able to go to the PvP Arena to test their strength in tough combat and either be thrown to the bottom of the ratings table, or fly to the top and gain unfading glory!

Dungeon & Kingdom

Although the possibility of in-game purchases is high, the developers claim that they have left more than 300 free gacha calls and 30,000 gems for gamers to make the task of collecting, equipping and leveling up rare heroes easier.

In total, the game has over 70 characters, divided into 4 classes (warrior, sorcerer, killer, and hunter) and 16 races, which opens up impressive possibilities for combinations. Each new game will take place according to a unique scenario, so consider your options carefully, because any step you take can turn the course of events in a different direction! Use the strengths of your fighters and the weaknesses of your enemies, shuffle the cards and decide wisely! In addition, battles take place in automatic mode, and who will win depends on how competently you build your strategy.

You can also farm resources automatically, saving time for more interesting activities. For example, by founding a new kingdom and building a city for its inhabitants. Or expeditions with friends to search for new lands and resources. Or the defense of your state from the forces of evil, which, of course, do not sleep.
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