Mobile C & C: Legions is available for pre-registration and is preparing for release

Mobile C & C: Legions is available for pre-registration and is preparing for release
Level Infinite brand in collaboration with Electronic Arts Corporation announced a prediction for the new mobile strategy of Command & Conquer: Legions, which is planned at the end of 2024. The game is intended for Android and iOS, so you can find it in Google Play, App Store and App Store and App Store. other stunctions, links to which are on the official website of Command & Conquer: Legions. The developers advise to hurry with pre-registration, since as they approach the release, it will be possible to unlock and receive various awards – tokens from gold and silver, frame and skins.

The game is the branch of the widely known gamers of the C&C franchise, as well as the spin-off of Red Alert, one of the most popular games in the series, so all the same powerful superpower (Germany, England, France, the USSR) come into confrontation and legendary units go into battle.

Command & Conquer Legions

But do not think that only “old men” will be able to enjoy the strategy! New players will not remain bypassed by vivid impressions. Moreover, the action is transferred to an alternative temporary scale, where events will unfold unpredictably, and reactive soldiers, bears in armor and psychics may suddenly be on the battlefield.

In order to restore the shared balance of forces, players need to join one of the fractions, lead it and with a firm hand of their military campaign, through the epic PVP-strokes in real time, which will give tons of acute sensations that captivate Pve-rounds and the unique Roguelike Mecha.

Get ready to make strategic decisions, having previously studied the advantages and weaknesses of your faction. Get out with a formidable superwece that increases the chances of victory. Explore the strengths of the neighbors and conclude alliances with the most promising allies.

The game has already passed two beta testing and should become available for downloading to smartphones by December.
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