Contraband Police searches and shootouts will be available on smartphones

Contraband Police searches and shootouts will be available on smartphones
A gorgeous 3D first-person simulator with elements of the shooter Contraband Police, developed by the Crazy Rocks studio and released in 2023 on computers thanks to the publisher PlayWay SA, was so well accepted by the public that it was decided to transfer it to a mobile format. At the moment, the game is being ported to Android – this can be judged with confidence, if only because Google Play has already acquired a pre-registration page, although an announcement about the exact release date has not been made yet. It is not known whether the game will appear in the App Store.

The game takes place in the 80s of the last century, in the fictional country of Akaristan with a communist regime and its own, also fictional, language. The gamer, a young police officer who has barely completed his training, ends up at customs to catch smugglers and prevent them from importing prohibited goods into the country.

Contraband Police

At first, the novice’s duties include only checking passports, but over time the number of documents grows, and drivers trying to confuse the cop become more and more creative. In addition, they strive to put contraband into the most unexpected parts of the machine, while the gamer must not only find the hidden thing by illuminating it with an ultraviolet flashlight, but also open the hidden place with the necessary tool.

However, that's not all! Caught smugglers often try to shoot back, ram, demolishing the barrier with a car, or escape from the inspection zone. Moreover, somewhere nearby there is a gang of local villains circling, who from time to time tries to attack the post. All these cunning people must be neutralized, arrested and brought into the hands of the law, and the confiscated property sent to the warehouse. If you do everything correctly, rewards and promotions await your hero, so tighten your belt tighter and stand up for the defense of your native Akaristan!
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