Multiplayer Metaverse Keeper will be released on smartphones at the end of May

Multiplayer Metaverse Keeper will be released on smartphones at the end of May
Sparks Games, the developer of the action roguelike Metaverse Keeper, which appeared on computers in April 2019, has decided to celebrate its fifth anniversary by transferring the story of interdimensional and intertemporal heroes opposing the Demon Lord into a new format. The mobile port is ready, pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store for downloading the game on Android and iOS has been announced... All we have to do is wait for the release and find out how exciting this premium project can be.

The creators promise that the multiplayer adventure game will be able to support joint online play of 2-4 gamers, thanks to which the death of one of the heroes will no longer mean a rollback to the beginning of the level, because his comrades will be able to resurrect him, sacrificing some resources, and again storm the fortress. However, don't expect to play in relaxed mode, as you progress, the challenges will become more challenging, the attacking monsters will become bloodthirsty, and resources will become increasingly limited.

Metaverse Keeper

The very abode of the Demon Lord will also change, confusing players with a new layout and atmosphere. Fortunately, our fighters are not weaklings! Each of them came from their own timeline, where they had already saved the world. Everyone is endowed with talents that will actively develop. Everyone will have at their disposal a huge selection of weapons with random affixes and equipment, and gamers will be faced with the task of choosing the most winning combination that will make the character the No. 1 fighter.

By the way, when you start wandering through the dungeons in search of new enemies, pay attention to the chips scattered around and hidden in slot machines to gain new unprecedented skills. But be prepared for unexpected impacts! This place stands at the junction of worlds and times, anything can happen here!

The cost of the game will be 2-3 dollars. Its release is scheduled for May 30th on both platforms.
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