Kung Fu Panda: Chi Master – the beloved cartoon has found a new life in a mobile format

Kung Fu Panda: Chi Master – the beloved cartoon has found a new life in a mobile format
If the cartoon about the adventures of the clumsy but courageous fat bear "Kung Fu Panda" gave you a lot of pleasant emotions in due time, and you still do not mind plunging into the world of adventures together with Po and his friends, very soon you will have the opportunity to do it! Studio DreamWorks gave its permission to develop a mobile game based on the cartoon, which means that there is every reason to assume that we are waiting for a licensed, well-developed project, on which it will not be a pity to spend its time.

Moreover! The game has already appeared on Google Play in Singapore and Malaysia, so all Android device owners can be satisfied.

Kung Fu Panda: Chi Master is an MMO-strategy in which players will fight each other in an auto-chess format, placing well-known cartoon characters on the field. Be careful, all fighters are divided into groups according to card suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades). Moreover, each of them has unique abilities, so you, as a strategist, will have to think carefully about who to put and where.

Even more interesting is the developer's promise that, in addition to ordinary warriors, gamers will have the opportunity to create battle dragons made in a spectacular oriental style and level them up.

And when you get tired of the hot battles, take care of restoring the destroyed village, find resources for your allies and from time to time go on raids on your neighbors to declare your strength. However, friendship always wins, so don't miss the chance to join another strong guild – so it will be easier for you to rise to the top of the rating table together, because tournaments with prizes and participation in seasonal events await the best.
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