2D Rogue platformer Space Gladiators has entered beta testing

2D Rogue platformer Space Gladiators has entered beta testing
A little more than 3 years ago, the hand-drawn action roguelike Space Gladiators first appeared on computers and consoles and began quickly collecting positive reviews from gamers. It went so well that its owner, indie PC game developer Blobfish, teamed up with Erabit Studios to bring the project to mobile format on Android and iOS platforms – and again was successful.

Space Gladiators pages have already appeared on Google Play and App Store with the possibility of pre-registration, the official release date has been set – June 10th, 2024, and beta testing of the game is ongoing in the TapTap community, the expected cost of which will be 5-6 dollars.

According to the plot, the gamer (or rather, the character he has chosen) finds himself captive in a planetary prison, where he will either die, entertaining the audience with gladiator fights, or challenge fate and try, together with other captives, to fight his way to freedom through numerous traps and bloodthirsty monsters. Of course, the hero chooses the second!

Space Gladiators

According to reviews, Space Gladiators is worth completing at least for:

  • The developers' excellent sense of humor, reflected both in the original 2D graphics and in the images of the 8 main characters, among whom you can find the Cosmic Potato and the Worm in family shorts.
  • Smooth controls that allow you to deal deadly blows to enemies or deftly dodge attacks at the player's choice.
  • Variety of passage options. 10 Bosses, multiple enemies and different versions of randomly generated biomes will make each game unique. There will also be more than 300 game items and weapons available, which can be laser-firing pistols or meatballs.

The game has graphics settings and several language options. You can choose routes of varying difficulty depending on your level of confidence.
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