Break My Case game offers “three in a row” puzzles and romantic communication

Break My Case game offers “three in a row” puzzles and romantic communication
For everyone who pre-registered or was looking forward to the release of the otome game Break My Case from the Japanese company coly Inc, the “X-hour” has come! Download it to your Android or iOS device and immerse yourself in an exciting anime-style action with vibrant visuals, pleasant background music and tricky “three in a row” puzzles.

Act calmly and quickly: if you take too long to match bright pieces to each other, an insidious strip will get ahead of you that continuously crawls across the screen to the beat of the music and erases the “puzzles”. But if you learn how to correctly place icons in a row and put them together into combos, one of the heroes associated with the color of the icons will be able to use their superpowers.

Break My Case

By the way, about the heroes: the game features 21 characters – spectacular, stylish, handsome Hasubandos. The men's company lives in the ultra-modern quarter of Tokyo, and they work in the Aporia coffee shop, which offers customers an invigorating drink during daylight hours, and at dusk helps a select few solve more complex problems, which leads to many adventures.

Each of the characters has its own character, outlook on life and goals. Some of them will be nice to you, others will be sarcastic, but all of them, without exception, are interesting and well detailed. You can chat with each of them and start a tender or passionate romance. If things don’t work out the first time, don’t be upset: you can play the game again and again, trying different options until the character you like opens his heart to you.

The only serious disadvantage of the game is the Japanese language, for which there are no alternatives yet. Perhaps the situation will change when Break My Case is released in a global version on the world market, but now there is no data on this, so you will have to rely on intuition and luck, because you can enjoy puzzles and flirt with cute guys without knowing Japanese.
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