World Eternal Online is out in early access

World Eternal Online is out in early access
If you're a MOBA fan, you shouldn't miss the mobile game World Eternal Online, an early version of which has recently appeared on Google Play for Android smartphones and has already earned the title of a "new look" on the genre from some critics. What's so special about it?

Firstly, in addition to MOBA, it seamlessly combines elements of RPG and MMO, allowing you to get a unique gaming experience. Gamers here do not start solo sailing around the world, trying to push their opponents off the map, but unite into squads to eliminate mobs by a united team for the sake of farming and leveling up their skills.

World Eternal Online

Although the game allows you to craft various useful things through the forge, you can only get really cool equipment from bosses, which are impossible to deal with alone. Thanks to team play, each session allows you to use a wide variety of strategy options and therefore becomes unique. So, if you want rare loot and a rank increase for your character, get ready to interact with your comrades.

Secondly, you can forget about the need to monitor health indicators: they will return to normal over time. But this will not make the action seem less tense, since a separate timer will show the moments before the playing area narrows and will not allow you to relax.

Thirdly, even if the character dies, you will still receive rewards, encouraging you to continue playing and develop.

The game is also distinguished by manual control without an automatic option and many active skills, and its developers make a separate line mentioning the quests that will await gamers every day. Finally, there is a season pass, and gamers are guaranteed more exciting updates in the near future.

The geography of the game is also impressive: World Eternal Online can be downloaded in 247 countries – that is, this is actually a worldwide release. It is not known whether there will be a version for iOS.
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