Tencent's mysterious NZ Mobile project is named EdgeWalkers

Tencent's mysterious NZ Mobile project is named EdgeWalkers
At the end of this winter, the Chinese company Tencent presented gamers with a CGI trailer of a promising major project codenamed NZ Mobile. Judging by the rather sketchy information, even then it could be assumed that players would expect an epic adventure in the spirit of the popular first-person shooter Titanfall with futuristic locations, combat robots, fierce firefights and battles with zombies and clashes with powerful bosses.

It is possible that more fantastic opponents that appeared at the end of the trailer will appear, such as dragons or completely incomprehensible entities. However, the main emphasis is not on them, since the general style of the game is made in the spirit of science fiction, not fantasy, and its plot takes place in 2071 on space stations of several planets.

After the release of the first trailer, Tencent remained silent for some time, which it broke only in late April to announce that the game had acquired the final version of the title EdgeWalkers. In addition, gamers were told about the main game modes.

Players will be able to:

  • Devote time to exploring a beautiful and unusual world;
  • Go to dungeons, apparently of the classic type;
  • Upgrade their experience and skills by hunting mobs;
  • Take part in a battle using mecha robots;
  • Engage in tower defense.

There is a possibility that something else will be added over time, as work on the game continues and information will change.

It is also known that the game is planned to be released immediately for Android, iOS and PC, but neither the timing of the planned beta tests nor the release date, even an approximate one, have been disclosed yet.
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