Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds has received an update and 2 new countries for soft launch

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds has received an update and 2 new countries for soft launch
Mobile shooter in the ARPG genre Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, which has been little heard since November last year, when its trial launch took place, has received an update and new hope for the interest of gamers. So far the game hasn't been doing particularly well. On Google Play it received about 50 thousand downloads, which cannot be called an impressive result. The game didn't even make it to the top 50 adventure games on the App Store.

However, now the game’s chances of winning the attention of a wider audience will increase, since the geography of the soft launch has spread to Australia and Canada, and the developers have made some additions to the shooter itself. In particular, they have diluted the company of familiar characters with Hunter, who has two extremely useful skills in battle – Rain of Arrows and Laser Glaive.

Risk of Rain Hostile Worlds

Gamers are also promised to have:

  • New interactive items;
  • Cooperative modes, thanks to which you can play either alone or with three friends;
  • Private matchmaking system for general missions.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is a dynamic shooter with numerous shootouts and many beloved bagels. It differs from previous parts by improved controls and an increased number of characters who have different abilities for combat.

The gamer is required to gather a squad of fighters who survived the next cataclysm and go on a dangerous journey through the changing landscapes of the planets of the Procyon system in order to find useful objects lost around, uncover the secrets of the past, focusing on entries in the found journals, and defeat the enemies who are waiting for the opportunity to attack. The game's controls are easy to learn, and each mission is unique thanks to different combinations of items found.

You can download the game on Android or iOS, but only through countries participating in the soft launch. Attempts to do this by bypassing official stores will most likely fail.
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