Studio miHoYo has announced the release of patch 4.6 for Genshin Impact

Studio miHoYo has announced the release of patch 4.6 for Genshin Impact
The release of the next patch of the shareware mobile game Genshin Impact in the action-adventure genre has taken place. Version 4.6 has been released simultaneously for Android and iOS, and although it does not provide large-scale content transformations, there are enough innovations to add vivid emotions to the game and delight gamers.

One of the most upcoming updates was Harlequin, who masters the Pyro element, which the warrior actively uses in battle. As a Servant, she spends most of her time in battle, boasting powerful combat skills, enhanced attacks, and the ability to withstand certain types of damage. Polearms and recipes that have become part of the innovations are also related to her.

Genshin Impact

Two new locations have become available – the Nostoi District and the Sea of Antiquity, offering players exciting adventures and exciting quests. Don't let your guard down! Somewhere nearby, a new boss, the Golem Captain, is guarding overly careless gamers to prevent you from completing your mission, and Golem Guardians, a simpler class, roam the open world of the game. Still not scary? Well, then get ready to encounter a Statue made of marble and brass, embodying the glory and power of an ancient civilization.

The most important event of the update will be Arataka Itto's rock tour, where everyone interested will be able to prove themselves by taking part either in preparation for the concert or in mini-games. Those who excel will receive rewards, including a musical instrument and a 4-star character.

Players with a little luck on their side will be able to find a dungeon in one of the locations to farm Unfinished Dreams, a new set of artifacts. The second set is signature for Harlequin and is called Fragment of Harmonic Fantasy.

Less significant additions include Pamoin Painting emoji, personalized cards, avatars awarded for completing world quests (those who completed them earlier will receive an avatar automatically), tips and some functions. In addition, the Twisting Abyss and the Lusin Fountain received changes, the level of which has increased to 50. And finally, all players will be able to claim 300 Itok Stones as compensation for technical work.
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