Pre-registration for the mobile strategy Lost Crown has been announced

Pre-registration for the mobile strategy Lost Crown has been announced
Pre-registration has started for the dynamic role-playing Idle strategy Lost Crown, which owners of both Android and iOS devices will be able to enjoy. Its developers, employees of the Esprit Games studio, advice, without wasting time, to go to the desired page on Google Play, Apple Story or the official website, and apply for pre-registration. There you need to leave your email address in order not only to instantly receive notification of the release, but also to become the proud owner of promotional codes with useful bonuses and mysterious “mega-privileges”.

Lost Crown

Why does Lost Crown deserve attention? Here you will find:

  • Luxurious graphics in the fairy-tale fantasy genre and spectacular special effects that provide complete immersion into the adventure.
  • More than a hundred 3D characters, each with his own story.
  • A unique gacha mechanic that allows gamers to collect and upgrade a group of fighters, and with the complete absence of grinding. If you need resources, you can send characters to get them automatically.
  • Lots of PvP activities.
  • A well-thought-out plot with sharp turns, intrigue, betrayal, games of double and triple agents, unexpected meetings with missing relatives and even the opportunity to communicate with goddesses.
  • Reliance on strategic decisions. The winner will be not the one who recruits more fighters and pumps them up better, but who uses their trump cards smarter.

Form your own squads, make friends, join guilds, defeat enemies in large-scale battles at championships and while completing mini-games, and step by step rise to the TOP of the leaderboard! The adventure will begin soon; get ready to challenge fate and less fortunate opponents, who, of course, will be defeated by your invincible team!
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