Dark fantasy Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy will be released in the summer

Dark fantasy Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy will be released in the summer
Although the first soft launch of the turn-based RPG strategy Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy took place in 2020, the world release of the game has not happened yet for reasons that are not entirely clear. But not everything is so gloomy! Today, gamers have a real chance to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of dark fantasy very soon in the summer and show malicious entities who is the master of this world. More precisely, the global release of the game is scheduled for July 17, and gamers in a number of countries, including Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and some others, have already had the opportunity to participate in the trial launch.

By the way, although so far Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy has its own page only in the Apple Store, apparently the game will be available on both iOS and Android.

Grimguard Tactics Fantasy RPG

Despite the gloomy setting, the game promises to provide a lot of fun for fans of tactical battles with the ability to place characters at will and direct their attacks. For example, why hit a lone enemy if you can shoot a barrel filled with explosives next to him and destroy everyone who happens to be nearby?

According to the information known today, the game will have many interesting characters available for summoning and endowed with the powers of one of the three elements, as well as epic heroes for collecting. Fans of PvE battles will find adventures in dungeons and clashes with raid bosses. And for those who prefer PvP battles, there is a traditional arena where they can compete with players from all over the world. But if you are more interested in building a city, you can devote time to your favorite activity by transferring the function of extracting useful items and resources to AFK farming.

Gather a powerful squad of allies, enter the battle and put an end to the tyranny of dark entities, leading humanity to victory thanks to your intelligence, dexterity and intuition!
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