The developers of MMORPG ArcheAge War have demonstrated an arsenal of characters

The developers of MMORPG ArcheAge War have demonstrated an arsenal of characters
As the global release of the MMORPG ArcheAge: War, which is expected by many gamers, is approaching, which must take place this summer for Android, iOS and PC, the developers are stirring up the interest of players by lifting the veil of secrecy about what awaits us.

This time, a video that appeared on YouTube allowed everyone interested to get acquainted with some of the types of weapons that they can equip their characters for PvE and PvP battles. It will be:

  • Heavy two-handed sword – a barbarian weapon designed for powerful but short-term attacks on one enemy (AoE).
  • One-handed sword, lighter and more mobile. Warriors and paladins can use it simultaneously with an AoE shield, thereby increasing their own strength and using the sword to attract individual targets.
  • Blades. It is a robber weapon for sharp, lightning strikes and weakening the enemy. It’s not entirely clear from the video whether the blades have AoE attacks.
  • Bow. As you might guess, the shooter wields it, and very skillfully. For example, it can attack targets located on opposite sides of the character one after another, quickly switching between them.
  • Staff. It is logical that this is a weapon of magicians, operating at a long distance and allowing one to control not only the traditional elements, but also electricity or freezing of the enemy.

ArcheAge War

They promise to show even more interesting details about the skills and character classes in the next video, so we’ll be patient and wait.

If you accidentally missed all the hype around the promising MMORPG, let us remind you: ArcheAge: War is a direct “descendant” of the ArcheAge computer game series, but, according to the developers, a completely new and incredibly exciting version of it. Gamers are offered a huge open world with spectacular landscapes, which can be navigated on foot, on horseback (including on a snow lion), as well as by sea and by air.

The main feature of the original ArcheAge was a unique class system, which gave the player the opportunity to mix skills in different combinations, the number of which reached up to 220. However, this is not the limit: in the upcoming ArcheAge: War, at least 5 classes have been announced, giving 364 combinations in 14 skill sets!
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