Mobile shooter My Games Zombie State has received high ratings

Mobile shooter My Games Zombie State has received high ratings
The mobile linear shooter Zombie State from My Games, which was released globally on April 6, is gaining popularity. To date, the game has received 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Play based on more than 3,500 reviews, and managed to get into the TOP 200 in the App Store.

According to the plot, the gamer finds himself in a city engulfed by a zombie epidemic, where he is attacked by the living dead of various, sometimes very bizarre, types, in order to counter which he must not only activate his abilities, but also learn how to use them correctly. The game has 3 modes, one of which is a well-thought-out storyline of 15 separate chapters, with interesting locations, fights with powerful bosses and beautiful cut scenes.

Zombie State

Among the advantages, gamers note:

  • Bagel elements;
  • Modest amount of advertising;
  • Excellent level of graphics, allowing you to immerse yourself in what is happening;
  • The ability for the character to move independently and use automatic shooting with assistance in aiming;
  • Convenient character leveling system, which allows you to improve defense, damage inflicted on the enemy, critical hit chance and other abilities;
  • Different types of weapons – in particular, you can fight zombies with a rocket launcher, massively mowing down the enemy, which will be very useful when encountering, for example, insidious acid zombies.

The following received criticism:

  • Lack of offline mode and the need to connect to the Internet;
  • Low rate of energy recovery;
  • Availability of donation.

If the glory of an invincible zombie hunter attracts you, you can download Zombie State on Android and iOS right now and take to the streets full of danger and panic to begin clearing them of evil spirits, becoming stronger with each battle won and discovering the dangerous and dark secrets of the city.
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