Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt opens a dragon hunting season on April 27

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt opens a dragon hunting season on April 27
If you have already heard about the mobile game Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt, which gamers in Southeast Asia have been playing since the end of last year, and were a little jealous of them, we hasten to share the good news! Starting April 27, anyone will be able to step aboard an airship to take part in a difficult but exciting dragon hunt!

The global release is scheduled for this date. However, it is better not to wait for it, but to pre-register on Android or iOS right now - this way you will definitely not miss anything. In addition, gamers who managed to do this before the release date were promised various tempting rewards that will definitely come in handy in the future.

Inariel Legend Dragon Hunt

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is a positive, fun game with cartoon graphics, interesting plot twists and a light-hearted mood. Taking on the role of a dragon catcher, you will have to rally warriors, archers and magicians into a friendly team (rare heroes are knocked out through the gacha system) and follow the trail of dangerous lizards, leveling up your teammates along the way and completing numerous quests to acquire powerful weapons and equipment. Don't be surprised if you manage to uncover ancient secrets: this land is full of mysteries!

According to the developers, gamers will find many different levels and exciting adventures. Moreover, many of them can be completed in automatic mode if the player finds that it is more convenient for him. Auto-battles in wall-to-wall mode, gifts for newcomers, and daily bonuses have been announced.

Some are concerned that the Asian version of the game has received its last update on January 15 this year, which may indicate a loss of interest in the project from developers or players. Perhaps some surprise is being saved for the release, or the company has chosen a different direction, but we will find out about it only at the end of April.
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