The developers of The Division: Resurgence are inviting volunteers for testing

The developers of The Division: Resurgence are inviting volunteers for testing
The free-to-play multiplayer mobile shooter The Division Resurgence, which is a new independent story in the Tom Clancy's The Division franchise, is slowly but surely moving towards its release. Unfortunately, the previously announced release date of March 2024 has again been pushed back indefinitely. But in return, the developers have published news about a technical test, which starts on April 3 at 14:00 continental time and ends exactly two days later.

The mission to check the readiness of The Division Resurgence for release will be entrusted to both those who participated in previous tests and newcomers who have pre-registered on Google Play and signed an NDA prohibiting the dissemination of information about the game on the Internet. If you want to be one of them and have an Android device, hurry up, maybe you will receive one of the invitations. True, it is unknown whether such an opportunity is open to gamers around the world or selected countries: for example, only players from the USA and Brazil were allowed to take part in the November tests.

The Division Resurgence

By the way, there is a pre-order page in the App Store, but iOS is not involved in testing.

What is known about the free-to-play shooter:

  • A huge open world of urban post-apocalypse;
  • Action from a third party;
  • Many bonuses for exploring locations;
  • Dynamic game process and improved gameplay with increased speed of pumping fighters, modified mechanics of battles with bosses and placement of enemies;
  • New abilities and skills that open up more options for development;
  • Dozens of types of weapons and equipment;
  • Ability to complete tasks in single and cooperative mode;
  • Excellent graphics and excellent sound.

There are many game modes, including PvP and PvE, but the Dark Zone, Conflict, and some challenges familiar to old testers will be disabled for the duration of the test.

The creators of the game also promise a detailed plot with new stories, secrets and factions fighting for power over the destroyed New York.
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