The Demon King and the battle with fireballs: the release of RPG Firesky has taken place

The Demon King and the battle with fireballs: the release of RPG Firesky has taken place
The adventure RPG fighting game Firesky with dodgeball mechanics, third-person view and fantasy style missed the officially scheduled deadlines, but in a good way. Now gamers won't have to wait another month as the game is already available for download on Android and iOS worldwide. As expected, Firesky remains free, if you do not take into account in-game purchases, and its language is English.

The main characters will have to travel a lot and fight a lot, as well as explore different locations in order to shed light on the gloomy figure of the Cursed King, through whose fault the world is filled with crowds of demons. Interestingly, there are more than 30 heroes in Firesky. From season to season, the set of main characters will change, allowing you to look at what is happening from different angles, find out answers to previously unasked questions and get a new storyline with its own sharp turns and mysteries. And the further the story develops, the more intertwined the fates of the heroes will become.


The developers – the Blue Dragon Company and the Concept Haus Mobile studio – warn: do not relax! You'll need excellent reflexes to follow the fast-paced action, hone your skills against mobs, and be able to master the challenging PVP arena mode.

At the same time, it will be easy for a beginner to master the game, but to advance in it to the rank of master, you will have to try. This will help gamers through active training, as well as collecting cards and gems, from which they can later craft formidable weapons that can bring victory in the arena. Different combinations give different results, so improve your strategic skills!
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