Dark and Darker Mobile will enter the closed beta test stage on April 24

Dark and Darker Mobile will enter the closed beta test stage on April 24
South Korean company Bluehole Studio has announced a closed beta test of the mobile fantasy action game Dark and Darker, which will be held from April 24 to 28, to give the creators the opportunity to identify errors and make the game more interesting for a full release. The date of the latter has not been determined yet, but it is known that the game will be released before the end of 2024.

If you have a desire, you can try to apply for testing on the official website of the game in order to be among the lucky ones and be the first of the gamers to pave the way to victory through the dark dungeons. By the way, although the company promises to make the action available for Android and iOS devices, the test is carried out only for Android.

Dark and Darker Mobile

The game, which is a mobile version of the Extraction action game of the same name for PC, combines the genres of Dungeon Crawler, Battleroyal and Roguelike. The developers claim that they tried to convey the atmosphere of the original source as fully as possible, although they created the game from scratch using internally developed assets to avoid copyright complications.

Bluehole Studio ensures that gamers will be able to immerse themselves in the story as much as possible, exploring dark dungeons, surviving PvPvE battles among numerous monsters, and earning improved equipment with experience points through mobs to prepare for battles with other players.

Gamers will have to storm caves and crush enemies in the guise of one of the classic characters: Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Rogue and Fighter. We also expect role-playing game elements and a third-person view.

There is no pre-registration for the game yet, even in the Apple Store. Moreover, some believe that the world release as such will not take place, and the new product will only be available through South Korea, although there have been no official statements on this topic. Perhaps new information will appear before the final global beta testing, which should take place very soon.
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