The global version of Blood Strike has become available worldwide

The global version of Blood Strike has become available worldwide
Along with the global release of the multiplayer shooter Blood Strike for mobile and PC, which took place on March 21, an event began that allowed gamers to receive a number of valuable rewards. Provided that they manage to upgrade their characters to the required level before the event reaches its finale on April 7.

The first-person shooter allows you to play both alone and in a team and provides several modes to choose from, including Hot Zone, Squad Game and Battle Royale, a map for which is promised to be added in April. Interestingly, players enter the battle here without equipment and must acquire weapons, armor and other useful items as the battle progresses in order to strengthen their character and help him survive long enough to become the last survivor and snatch his victory.

Blood Strike

By the way, about the characters: Blood Strike has about a dozen interesting heroes, each of whom has their own active and passive skills, as well as an impressive arsenal, including even such a rare weapon for the shooter genre as a katana. In short, the developers have worked hard to give each gamer the opportunity to choose a character to their liking and equip it in such a way that it best suits his playing style. In addition, the training mode will allow you to test the hero’s abilities in battle with bots, and the changed interface will show differences in the status of weapons after attachment.

As for rewards, players who have leveled up to level 5 will have the right to count on legendary weapons (Damascus and Black Steel), the Violet Ghost skin and, most importantly, a chest with 9999 gold. True, there has already been information that the developers made a mistake, due to which the amount may be one nine less.

If we talk about reviews, they are mostly positive, although there are mentions of freezes that some players have encountered.

You can download the game on Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS and on the official website for PC.
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