Platformer Katana ZERO goes into mobile game format

Platformer Katana ZERO goes into mobile game format
We advise you to sharpen your sword and remember your ninja skills forgotten over the winter! Porting the action platformer Katana ZERO to smartphones, promised by Netflix to subscribers in November 2023, has entered the trial launch phase. You can download the client through the Philippines, both on Android and iOS. A worldwide release date has not been chosen yet.

Playing Katana ZERO, the gamer transforms into a stern samurai warrior who glides like a deadly shadow through the old city, made in neo-noir style, avoids treacherous traps, engages in fierce battles with numerous enemies, and along the way learns the dirty secrets of the past.

Katana ZERO

The developers especially emphasize multiple combat options that they put at the disposal of the main character. Not only your trusty katana works here, but also explosives and long-range weapons. In addition to the ability to deftly dodge enemy blows, the samurai can influence time.

Every enemy encountered along the way has its own weaknesses. Therefore, the gamer will have to use all his strategic skills to decide which weapon to use on him, whether to use brute force or cunning, and in some cases, use objects found nearby. This game will definitely not make you bored!

Each level, each battle has dozens of ways to complete it, which makes Katana ZERO especially exciting. Interesting dialogues that you will have to participate in during cinematic inserts can turn the course of events dramatically, so answer thoughtfully. Immerse yourself in this great action game and let your reactions be as fast as a cobra's throw and your mind as sharp as a samurai's blade!
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