Indonesia has joined the soft launch of Civilization: Eras & Allies

Indonesia has joined the soft launch of Civilization: Eras & Allies
The next part of the Civilization series of turn-based strategy games, Civilization: Eras & Allies, which was previously released in soft access in the Philippines, received an update and became available for gamers in Indonesia. You can download it on Android via Google Play, but owners of iOS devices will have to wait for the official announcement, the date of which has not been announced yet.

Developers 2K Games say that they have left the beloved design, setting and gameplay unchanged, but at the same time guarantee “exciting and unique game mechanics” designed specifically for connoisseurs of mobile strategy games.

Civilization Eras & Allies

At least 6 civilizations, including Egypt and Greece, Rome and China, England and France, will converge on one field to try to establish their supremacy over the world through battles and political intrigues, becoming the Greatest Emperor. You can also earn the approval of your people by creating the conditions necessary for prosperity. You will have to lead one of these civilizations, choosing the role of the legendary ruler of the past. Build and defend cities, create powerful armies, find resources, master increasingly complex technologies, discover new territories, build trade routes, form alliances with friends and fight enemies.

According to the first reviews received, Civilization: Eras & Allies is a classic free-to-play city-building strategy MMORTS that is sure to win the approval of fans. True, the first disadvantages have also been mentioned: for example, the need to spend time moving units instead of using moves.
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