The next season of Marvel Snap has started: “Avengers vs. X-Men”

The next season of Marvel Snap has started: “Avengers vs. X-Men”
Featuring ultra-short batches and regularly updated gameplay, the Marvel Snap Trading Card Game kicks off a new season starting at 11:00 AM PT on March 5th and ending at 11:00 AM PT on April 2nd.

Apparently, the developers decided to finally find an answer to the question that has long tormented fans: which of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe is stronger: the X-Men or the Avengers, and they immediately added 5 cards to the game with participants from these teams, and also updated some old cards. Have you also always wondered what would happen if Iron Man faced Magneto and would Cannonball defeat James Rhodes? Then go ahead!

New maps of Marvel Snap

What the creators promise in the video dedicated to the opening of the season:

  • One of the main events of the game will be the appearance of the Hope Summers card, whose cost will be 3 and power 4, and will bring the player +1 energy to the next turn after it is played.
  • During the first week, Hope will be accompanied by Pixie with cost and power indicators 1 and 2, which will shuffle the cost of all the cards in the assembled deck.
  • On March 12, it's Mockingbird's turn (5/9 combination), about which the official website says "costs 1 less for each card in play that wasn't in your deck."
  • In another week, Cannonball (combination 5/8) will burst into the game, pushing enemy cards from the location or, if this is not possible, simply destroying them and leaving Stone in the vacated space.
  • And the parade will be completed by the renowned Marvel veteran, Colonel Rhodes, who will appear on March 26 with the cost and power of 4/6 and the ability for the gamer to play cards anywhere without any restrictions until the end of the next turn.

New March season of Marvel Snap

In addition to new cards, players will receive reworked versions of old ones such as Iron Man and Magneto.

Gamers will be able to purchase a premium Marvel Snap ticket, which provides access to exclusive content, for $9.99, and players with an extra $14.99 in their account will have the opportunity to further advance the Season Pass by 10 levels at once.
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