The medieval version of Mafia Town of Salem 2 will be available for smartphones

The medieval version of Mafia Town of Salem 2 will be available for smartphones
The popular indie game Town of Salem 2 with strategy and RPG elements was released on PC in August 2023 and quickly gained an army of fans. It is still far behind the success of its 2014 predecessor, Town of Salem with 5 million registered users. But 1/4 million gamers and 8.2 out of 10 points awarded to it on Steam were enough to receive funding from Kickstarter to bring the game to Android and iOS. Things are going so well that the official release date has already been set – March 26th, the game is in beta testing, and pre-registration on Google Play can be done right now.

Town of Salem 2 takes place in an alternate medieval Salem, Massachusetts, during the famous witch trials, and the gameplay is a digital version of the Mafia, in which users will form teams of 7 to 15 people. However, instead of representatives of the criminal world, some participants will have to identify evil sorceresses and insidious murderers, while the task of other players is to masterfully lie, pretending to be a civilian, so as not to end up on the gallows. This is definitely not an activity for the faint of heart! To win, you will have to communicate a lot, using all your deductive abilities, mental acuity and knowledge of the human psyche.

Town of Salem 2

In the new format, Town of Salem 2 promises to be a cross-platform multiplayer game with free entry, retaining the same cartoon style, but with some new characters and features. As a result, players will find the appearance of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse in it, who will create their own factions, forcing gamers to quickly adapt their strategies to new conditions and adding tension to the process. Meanwhile, players will also have the opportunity to customize their character and arrange their home according to their own preferences. In addition, it is reported that the interface and controls will be optimized for touchscreen devices.
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