The beta test of the action role-playing game Wuthering Waves has started for smartphones and computers

The beta test of the action role-playing game Wuthering Waves has started for smartphones and computers
On February 19, 2024, the second beta test of the cross-platform action game Wuthering Waves for Android, iOS and computers was launched (the first took place last spring). The test has ended, so only those who have applied and received a direct invitation via email or an account on the official website will be able to participate. It is not yet known how long the event will last.

However, any interested gamer can get acquainted with the gameplay without receiving an invitation. As far as we know, Wuthering Waves is not subject to an NDA, so very soon we will be bombarded with videos and footage that players will start sharing.

Wuthering Waves

Conditions for participating in the test:

  • You can play simultaneously on a computer and one (but not more) Android or iOS mobile device, and progress made in each session will automatically be reflected on both platforms involved.
  • The qualification of a gamer is determined by the device on which he first logged into the system. Using another device of the same platform is prohibited. An attempt to circumvent the rules will result in a ban, and it will be impossible to remove the ban until the end of the beta test.
  • After completing the test, all progress will be reset.

At the moment, what is known about Wuthering Waves is that the game content is under development, therefore, the plot, visual features and character skills may differ significantly from what we see in the final version of the game. What we do know is that Wuthering Waves has been heavily redesigned based on feedback from the first beta.

However, you can confidently expect an open world and anime style, as well as gliders and grappling hooks as unusual vehicles. Of particular note are the climbing and running animations, which allow characters to climb vertical surfaces and cling with one hand, reminiscent of Prototype.

The test supports 5 languages: English, Japanese, Korean and two versions of Chinese, official and simplified.
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