Medieval MMORPG Night Crows will open to gamers around the world on March 12

Medieval MMORPG Night Crows will open to gamers around the world on March 12
Finally, the release date has been announced for the Korean MMORPG Night Crows with a setting reproducing the Middle Ages of continental Europe, an open world and large-scale battles. The company had plans to release it last year, but the date had to be moved to the first quarter of 2024.

The servers are promised to launch on March 12 at 12:00 Beijing time zone. Anyone can pre-register right now on Google Play for Android, in the App Store for iOS and on the company’s official website for PC. Gamers who manage to do this on time will receive not only early access to Night Crows (they can download the game client a day before the officially announced start), but also many exclusive bonuses, including currency, a support chest, a mount and a glider.

MMORPG Night Crows

Night Crows was created on the Unreal Engine 5, has very high-quality graphics and is translated into 9 languages. The developers promise to make the game available to gamers in 170 countries.

Briefly about the main features:

  • 4 character classes;
  • 8 specializations;
  • NFT and cryptocurrency.

Players will be able to participate in global battles and PvP sieges of castles, create alliances, conquer new territories and trade. You can move around locations on foot, riding one of the mounts, or on a glider capable of making horizontal dashes and attacks on the enemy from the air, as well as during sieges.

Night Crows

Interestingly, the player will be able to obtain a glider by crafting it from various items, and the speed, endurance and other characteristics of the device can vary significantly depending on its type.
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