Card anime gacha Resonas calls you on the road

Card anime gacha Resonas calls you on the road
The Chinese mobile app store for Android 3839 has launched pre-registration for the game Resonas, which is expected to be released on February 29, 2024. True, so far only in China.

Resonas is a strategy card-based mobile anime gacha that combines real-time card combat with a train driver simulator. It is around the railways that connect the world, which almost fell apart and plunged into chaos after a global catastrophe, into a single whole that the gameplay of the game will be built:

  • Travel the endless spaces of a changed world on your own train and admire the spectacular landscapes flashing outside the window.
  • Meet new people, each of whom has their own character and abilities, make faithful comrades in camps scattered across different locations and unite them under your command.
  • Engage in confrontation with enemies together with the right team.
  • Customize your own mobile home, making it more and more comfortable and secure.
  • Restore connections between cities and regions that survived the disaster, picking up the pieces of the collapsed world.
  • Move passengers and cargo from place to place to accumulate more resources and one day declare yourself as the largest trading corporation.

The developers emphasize that they have prepared something completely unique for gamers, created with the help of professional artists, musicians and voice-over artists. Also, deck building in Resonas promises to be especially exciting, since thousands of different card combinations have already been announced for really exclusive and winning options.

The game can also be downloaded to your iOS device from the Chinese App Store.
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