Korean drama Arthdal Chronicles will be brought to life in the gaming world

Korean drama Arthdal Chronicles will be brought to life in the gaming world
A large-scale project of the South Korean Netmarble Games and its subsidiary Netmarble F&C, launched in 2022 and associated with the development of a cross-platform MMORPG for PC, Android and iOS devices Arthdal Chronicle, is nearing completion. Gamers were informed about this by a small teaser released the other day, which, however, contains a minimum of details. They promise to tell us all the details during the presentation scheduled for February 15 on the official Netmarble YouTube channel.

Anyone can join the broadcast. Although it will be played in Korean, players from other countries will have a chance to draw general conclusions about the setting and evaluate the quality of the graphics, which, judging by what the teaser has managed to demonstrate, has a lot in common with ODIN: Valhalla Risin.

Let us remind you that a large-scale MMORPG is being created based on the popular drama of the same name, which fans have already called the South Korean “Game of Thrones”. If the adaptation of the series into a game format goes well, gamers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating interactive world of the confrontation between three warring parties for the right to establish their power on the continent. As usual in such cases, there also will be heated battles, sieges of fortresses, cunning political games, solving economic problems and complex social interactions that the gamer will have to engage in, influencing the course of current events and plunging deeper into the intricacies of the game world.

The release of Arthdal Chronicles is expected in 2024, and the game will be released simultaneously for PC and mobile platforms Android and iOS, although for now this will only happen in South Korea. It's hard to say when a new MMO will make its way to the West: many new products took months or even years to do so. However, it’s worth watching the promised presentation in any case – it will certainly be interesting.
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