From the tables to digital: Dominion strategy is available on iOS, Android and PC

From the tables to digital: Dominion strategy is available on iOS, Android and PC
The legendary Dominion, which without exaggeration became the main event of 2008 in the world of board games, abandoned its physical form and smoothly flowed into the digital world thanks to the publisher Temple Gates Games. From now on, this is a cross-platform strategy, available for PC, Android (from January 18) and iOS (February 1).

Formally, Dominion is free, but it does provide for in-game purchases, which can cost a pretty penny for some. According to reviews, the gameplay is extremely exciting, which is why it is easy to lose track of time and money.

In an effort to raise his kingdom to the level of a dominion full of gold, new inhabitants and rich provinces, participants will gain points by fighting friends, strangers and treacherous self-learning AIs. Again, according to gamers, they are very smart, so you shouldn’t immediately ask for a high difficulty level out of four possible ones.

Digital board game Dominion


  • Supports from 1 to 6 players;
  • Has more than 500 cards;
  • Has multiplayer and asynchronous mode, as well as Pass & Play mode;
  • Offers exciting daily challenges;
  • Automatically calculates points and generates tips;
  • Has a Jumbo mode for reading from your phone and a turbo mode for quickly viewing games;
  • Provides 4 languages – English, German, French and Japanese;
  • As a separate point, players note the rich, colorful picture and attractive animations.

Interestingly, gamers will have to build a deck during the match, and 15 expansions make the game even more exciting. However, even without them there will be something to do here: the developers promise more than 132 septillion kingdom combinations and constant promotional packages.
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