Hardcore action One Punch Man: World has entered the pre-loading stage and is awaiting release

Hardcore action One Punch Man: World has entered the pre-loading stage and is awaiting release
Pre-loading of the online action game One Punch Man: World has started, the global release of which with numerous interesting bonuses for beginners is scheduled for February 1. In addition to the traditional gacha twists in such cases, gamers are promised SR characters, exclusive business cards and much more.

Subscribers of Crunchyroll, the publisher of the American version of the game, will also receive their prizes. However, according to currently available information, it provides only two languages besides English – Portuguese and Spanish. If you're not satisfied with this, you can always try downloading the version from A Plus Japan and check how things are going with the languages in it.

Gamers all over the planet will be able to download the game client from Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS. But North Americans will be the first to immerse themselves in the world of heroes and magic, followed by players from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Latin America and North Africa. The full game size will require about 10 GB.

One Punch Man World

What we can expect, according to the trailer from Crunchyroll Games:

  • Three-dimensional beautiful console-level graphics;
  • Cinematic inserts between missions, harmoniously merging with the gameplay part, so as not to interfere with immersion into the game;
  • Interesting locations to explore, for example, the Z-City metropolis, where players will have to complete a considerable part of missions, buy necessary items and communicate with residents;
  • Story campaign;
  • Quests, protecting locations from waves of monsters, battles with bosses and QTE-activities.

The game almost completely recreates the universe well-known to fans of the anime series of the same name with popular characters, monsters and a general atmosphere. However, there are also deviations from the canon – for example, Saitama will not be able to defeat enemies with one blow, but, like everyone else, he will be forced to dodge, create combos and perform finishing moves, which, by the way, are very effective. In addition, there is a chance to play “on the side of evil” by choosing one of the negative characters.

So far, only two large game modes are known: PvE missions in the city and multiplayer PvE actions with rewards in the form of rare items. But many are confident that the developers have prepared a much more diverse choice for gamers, so we can expect, for example, a tower mode or PvP.
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