Real-time PVP game Neuphoria is available for pre-registration now

Real-time PVP game Neuphoria is available for pre-registration now
Fasten seat belts! Pre-registration has been launched on Android for the new mobile strategy Neuphoria in the auto-battler subgenre, generously packed with action. True, for now you can only go through it through the account of the countries of Southeast Asia.

The nightmarish Dark Lord, driven into darkness, found a way to return to the magical Neuphoria, gathered a gang of minions around him, took over their minds, and threw his gangs at defenseless civilians! Fires burn, cities collapse, location after location surrenders to the invader's monsters, and only a group of fearless heroes is able to challenge his monstrous power.

Join the brave souls and go on a journey through the kingdom in ruins to bring light and goodness back to Neuphoria!


Look for clues, and maybe you will find out how the Dark Lord managed to come back to life.

Create your squad from numerous characters who will sometimes look fantastic and sometimes look scary. Select suitable ammunition for them, pump up experience points, find, buy and obtain new items of equipment in battle and combine them in different ways to give your fighters an advantage in next battles!

Improve your commander's skills by choosing the right strategy to fight monsters that will attack you individually or in groups, form a strike wedge, or concentrate around. You must be ready to quickly regroup your fighters for effective defense!

Mobile game Neuphoria

Build and fortify bases, surround them with cunning traps and erect barriers to withstand sieges, or carry out predatory raids around the area, taking by force valuable resources and treasures you find. There is no room for doubt, the strongest survives!
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