Try on the life of a brave knight in the game Knight RPG: Knight Simulator

Try on the life of a brave knight in the game Knight RPG: Knight Simulator
Have you always been fascinated by chivalric novels and adventure films, where valiant warriors in iron armor cut their way through hordes of enemies with a sharp sword? Does your heart begin to beat faster at the sound of war trumpets and horses neighing? Are you drawn to vibrant landscapes with elegant villages and epic medieval castles?

We have good news for you! An early version of the mobile simulator game Knight RPG: Knight Simulator, has been released in the United States, where every gamer can go from a novice squire to a brave knight, experiencing many interesting adventures along the way and earning great fame for their exploits. The game is designed for Android devices and can be downloaded via Google Play.

Here you will:

  • Master the art of horse riding.
  • Train your skills of using swords and bows.
  • Explore the Medieval world full of dangers, secrets and attractive locations.
  • Gain experience by completing challenging quests and earning points on battlefields and in battles with monsters. Each enemy defeated or village protected will advance you to a new level!
  • Receive gold as a reward for your exploits and get yourself new deadly weapons or armor that make you become more and more invincible.
  • Get a real knight's horse and forget about walking like commoners!
  • Expose conspiracies, tear away the veil of secrecy from intrigues and change events with your timely, strategically calculated actions.
  • Acquire a reputation as a true brave man, before which even the glory of Richard the Lionheart will fade, and forever enter the annals of this world!

The game has a plot, the development of which will largely depend on the response option chosen by the gamer in the dialogues. Its graphics are simple but pleasant, delivering real visual pleasure, so players can easily immerse themselves in a fantasy world and feel like a hero of the saga, regardless of third-person perspective. The controls are completely manual, but the enemies are not yet clear: at the moment, it is impossible to say whether gamers can expect PvP battles or everything will be limited to clashes with bots.
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