Old School RuneScape will receive improved graphics this year

Old School RuneScape will receive improved graphics this year
Despite the fact that the multiplayer online role-playing game Old School RuneScape produced by Jagex survived its first release back in 2013, and being not the original, but an updated version of an even earlier game from 2007, it appealed not only to nostalgic gamers. Regular content updates, engine improvements and other innovations, which were carried out according to in-game surveys, allowed it to remain popular for many years, receive a mobile version for Android and iOS in 2018, and in November 2023 register a record of 200,000 concurrent players.

However, Old School RuneScape is not going to stop there. At the beginning of 2024, the developers officially announced the upcoming graphical overhaul, which will be based on the introduction of HD mode.

Old School RuneScape

In practice, this will give gamers:

  • fully dynamic lighting;
  • the ability to enjoy weather effects such as bright sunlight, moving clouds, twilight or realistic volumetric fog;
  • realistic water textures with sailing skill upgrades.

You should also expect the appearance of a spell that will make, for example, crystals illuminate hidden corners of a location, and projectiles will glow. At the same time, Jagex promises to preserve the familiar aesthetics of the game, loved by gamers, and even leave the opportunity for conservatives to switch from new HD to old after the official release.

Mobile game Old School RuneScape

Another new feature, the client API plugin, will allow gamers to experience the innovations on both PCs and smartphones, and the Runetek rendering developed by Jagex will not significantly increase the load.

However, a lot of time may pass before the promised release; since Jagex plans to conduct extensive beta and alpha testing to be sure that the final product fully meets the expectations of gamers. For now we are asked to follow the news.
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