The journey through the fairy-tale world of Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic begins

The journey through the fairy-tale world of Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic begins
On January 18, the global release of the mobile research MMORPG Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic took place, in which gamers were promised gacha twists, crystals and a rare white tiger mount for pre-registration. At the moment, it is no longer possible to get all of these, but you can download the game client on Android or iOS from Google Play, the App Store or on the official website and immediately embark on a fantasy adventure.

Gamers are invited to explore an open world made in a bright anime style with nice background music and beautiful graphics. Here, literally at every corner, incredible miracles and skirmishes with treacherous enemies await the brave traveler, securely hidden treasures to be found, and cute sprites to be caught in order to eventually make up your own collection.

Evil does not sleep, age-old monsters are crawling out of their hiding places to enslave the world! But you will have loyal friends and reliable allies on your side, so be bold in forging alliances. Exploring the fairy-tale world as part of a squad will be much more interesting and safer.

Style comes first! Ancient magicians are unlikely to respect a warrior in ordinary armor, so be more careful when choosing a costume from the many options presented in the game and create an image that is pleasing to friends and terrifying to enemies. There are at least 6 character classes available, and each of them can be made unique.

Be more active in upgrading your combat and strategic skills; they will come in handy while completing numerous quests or in unknown lands, each of which holds many challenges for the hero.

However, this world is full of quiet places where you can take a break from endless battles and quests for a more relaxing activity. Fishing, farming, taking care of animals on the ranch – choose what you like best.

So far, most reviews of the new product have been positive, although some have noted with dissatisfaction that it is too similar to Stella Arcana.
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