Plants vs Zombies 3 trial launch has been announced

Plants vs Zombies 3 trial launch has been announced
If you grew up in the 2010s, you probably remember the game Plants vs Zombies about a homeowner trying to protect his home from hordes of zombies with the help of mutant plants. Extremely simple, but exciting and full of peculiar humor, it became a hit in 2010, collected a lot of nominations, several serious awards and received a sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2, which was also very successful.

Well, very soon you will have a great opportunity to once again call the legions of the botanical world to help to declare war on the undead in the new casual strategy Plants vs Zombies 3. A trial launch for Android has already been announced in Australia, the Netherlands, the UK and the Philippines, and its global release should take place during 2024.

Plants vs Zombies 3

The game is designed not only for nostalgic adult gamers, but also for a new generation, for which the developers have significantly refreshed its graphics, replaced 2D with 3D and enriched the gameplay. From now on, this is a really story game, the events of which will unfold over several chapters, the classic battles of the original Plants vs Zombies will be supplemented with adventure puzzle elements, and in order to win, the player will need the ability to analyze the state of affairs on the battlefield and choose the optimal positions for the placement of allied mutant plants. It is known that gamers will have to participate in home defense, repel waves of zombies, look for sprouting seedlings and perform many other tasks in order to establish peace and order in the town of Neighborville, where, in fact, the action takes place.

The most impatient can try to join testing without waiting for the official release if they install the preview version from Google Play, which may not work if you:

  • Live in the region for which launch is not planned;
  • You will not be among the favorites, since the number of downloads is limited – however, the developers promise to increase the number of slots over time;
  • Have Android version below 6.0.
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