Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes has been released

Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes has been released
YJM Games has announced the release of the isometric action role-playing game Blade X: Odyssey of Heroes, designed for download on iOS and Android devices. The global release covers almost all countries of the world (more than 170) with rare exceptions: for example, this version is not yet available to gamers in Thailand and Japan. You can download the game both on the App Store and on Google Play.

The vibrant action game is a continuation of Action Square's original Blade series, which has now been downloaded a total of more than 10 million times. The game is full of exciting battles, pleasing to the eye with signature graphics of the Blade series and special effects additionally developed by the creators.

Classic gameplay invites the player to assemble a squad of 6 heroes, each of whom will be endowed with a unique set of skills and role in the team, and then go on various quests, moving through locations as the story plays out. This also means that there is no open world here.

The game has several modes:

  • story campaign, consisting of several interconnected missions;
  • a tower with dozens of varied and deadly Bosses for battle at the end of each level;
  • guard mode against hordes of enemies;
  • battles for rankings.

Blade X Odyssey of Heroes

There are some doubts about the manual control of the combat system promised by the creators, which allows players to block blows, perform combos and dodge, since gamers have already seen the auto-combat button in the video posted on YouTube.

It is worth considering that the game requires 5 GB of free space and at least 4 GB of RAM. After downloading, do not forget to check your in-game mail – newbies will receive rewards.
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