RP game VibeCity promises to be a worthy successor to GTA

RP game VibeCity promises to be a worthy successor to GTA
A new open-world RP game, clearly inspired by the GTA series, will take gamers to the criminal metropolis of VibeCity, where, along with locations in the style of modern US cities, there are exotic settlements in the Western spirit. Each player will be able to choose whether to act on the side of the law as a police officer in order to restore order in the streets with an iron fist, or prefer the role of a gangster challenging the law and death itself.

There will be other available professions – at a minimum, miners and local casino workers, judging by the trailer. The game's vehicle fleet is generously stocked with SUVs, jeeps, sports cars and muscle cars, so connoisseurs of “cool cars” will get a lot of driving pleasure.

The creators of VibeCity accompanied the action-packed action with energetic cyberpunk music, effectively complementing the picture, and also did not skimp on visual effects and realistic graphics comparable to console ones. In addition, we are promised to have excellent character development that will be interesting to watch. By the way, you can watch in the literal sense, since the gameplay is from a third person.

Owners of Android devices today will be able to break into the dangerous streets of the city to participate in shootouts, chases and other adventures. It has not yet been specified when iOS owners will have the opportunity to join them, although the developers definitely have plans to launch a version of the mobile game on Apple Store.
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